Welcome to AFS!

AFS was established in 1997 because we saw growing need in the marketplace for outsourcing traditional business services. Creating such an organization allowed us to gather professionals whose combined experience in accounting exceeds sixty years.

We pride ourselves on offering quality, customized programs for small to medium sized businesses without the overhead cost of a full-time accounting department. Leading edge technology is utilized and we work hand in hand with your financial advisors. By doing so, allows our clients to devote time to doing what you do best - building your business.

AFS has been serving community foundations and non profit organizations since 1999... AFS' owner/principal holds a CPA certificate and works closely with the foundations to provide consulting services as a controller/CFO would. He has been in that role for over 30 years.

How can we help?

We provide franchise accounting services exclusively to McDonald's owner-operators.

Currently supporting over 70 McDonald's restaurants in multiple states, from the single store operator to large multiple store operators

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Looking for payroll processing for your business?

Currently we are processing payroll for over 3,500 McDonald's employees.

AFS wants its owner-operators to keep their cash in the bank for as long as possible.

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