AFS staff

David Albers - Principal/Owner

Dave has over 40 years experience in the accounting profession in theCFO/Controller function for McDonald's franchisees, community foundations and other organizations utilizing AFS Company's back office accounting services. He oversees accounting support operations for a client base that exceeds $325 million in revenues or assets. He has worked with the FIMS foundation software product since 1999 when the first community foundation approached AFS in providing back office accounting solution for them. David holds a Degree from Valparaiso University and a CPA certificate.

Jordan Pearson - McDonald's Group Support

Julie Hebb - McDonald's Group Support

Bud Hinchley - Staff Accountant

Shelly Wolsiefer - Payroll

Amy Pearson - Non Profit Support Group

Jeff Weir - McDonald's Group Controller

Kayla Pearson - McDonald's Group Support, Non Profit and Payroll

Mary Jo Stoll - Payroll

Lisa Albers - Owner

Not pictured -

Carli Albers - McDonald's Group Support

Meg Collins - ACA Reporting

Matt Garant - Staff Accountant

Jennifer Merrill - Staff Accountant

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