McDonald's Payroll Processing

  • Currently we are processing payroll for over 2,000 McDonald's employees
  • AFS wants its owner-operators to keep their cash in the bank for as long as possible. The major payroll processors will pull, impound, your net payroll and taxes one or two days before your actual payroll date. AFS does not impound payroll dollars, instead those dollars flow out of the operator's bank account naturally as payroll checks are cashed or when taxes are filed. The due dates of these various taxes from a payroll check date can be as soon as 5 days or as long as 90 days.

What makes AFS unique?

  • Our close working relationship with the owner-operator and their staff.
  • When payroll is finalized on the ISP our office automatically receives a data file of the employees' time punches. You no longer have to complete time sheets or enter the payroll on-line, we do it electronically.
  • We become your organization's payroll department. Miles may separate us but technology gives you the feel that we are just down the hall.
  • Our clients work with a team of knowledgable AFS staffers.


  • Our fees are few and straight forward
  • Flat processing fee per store/per payroll
  • Delivery charges (i.e. Next Day FedEx national account pricing)
  • Only one annual fee, W-2 processing, priced well below the national processors

Flat processing fee includes the following:

  • Weekly, BiWeekly and Semi-monthly payroll processing
  • Tax filing
  • New hire reporting
  • Direct deposit
  • Check signing and stuffing
  • Paycard

Additional services:

  • WOTC and regional tax credit processing
  • "Pay as you go" workers compensation
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